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Method: /image/anomaly


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Return a graph of a metric with an anomaly highlighted.

This is an internal method which is not intended to be called directly. Calls to this method are generated by other methods in the API which also generate the checksums which are required for it to be validated.


Key Required Example Description
checksum yes 0d109443ec38f18c177cb726de172993 Checksum generated by Anomify when the URLs is created to ensure the request is valid
metric yes Metric
from yes 1581441063 Timestamp
until yes 1583159400 Timestamp
anomaly_id yes 123456 The id of the anomaly
width no 500 Required image width
height no 500 Required image height
source no alert Optional identifier for the source of the request

Example Output



Live Request

URL: /image/anomaly

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