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/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 1069

/login DEBUG 1069































Method: /signup/verify


Verify the email address of a user from the code they were sent via email, and allows them to set their password so they can log in. On successful completion the user is automatically logged in.


Key Required Example Description
email yes Email address to verify
verification_token yes 6ea1eee388c4c1abacd2d18cc4362b10 Unique token to verify link is the one sent to user's email address
password_1 yes 1l1k32f4x Chosen password for new user
password_2 yes 1l1k32f4x New password confirmation

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "session": {
            "id": "8d3c5ad6170d6b59f619e72b9b8d4b7e",
            "user": {
                "id": 221,
                "org_id": 116,
                "name": "[name redacted]",
                "email": "[email redacted]",
                "phone_number": null,
                "slack_member_id": null,
                "demo": false,
                "admin": true,
                "org": {
                    "id": 116,
                    "name": "[name redacted]",
                    "timezone": "Europe\/London",
                    "alert_muting": {
                        "muted": false,
                        "muted_until_timestamp": null,
                        "muted_until_timestamp_string": null,
                        "minutes_remaining": null
                    "onboarding_status": {
                        "id": 1,
                        "name": "[name redacted]"
                "notifications": {
                    "email_alerts": false
                "onboarding_flags": {
                    "main_intro": false,
                    "alerts_intro": false,
                    "alerts_from_search": false,
                    "training_intro": false

Live Request

URL: /signup/verify

You need to be logged in to your Anomify account to to make live API requests.

Please log in here or sign up to Anomify


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