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/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 1069

/login DEBUG 1069































Method: /signup/selfserve


Signs up a new self-serve organization and user. The new user will be sent a verification code via email, the details from which need to be submitted to /signup/verify.


Key Required Example Description
email yes Email address of new user
user_name yes Phil Collins Name of the new user
org_name yes Collins Jackets Name of the new user's organization
timezone yes Europe/London Valid timezone string selected from a dropdown list populated from /misc/timezones method

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "user": {
            "id": 244,
            "org_id": 161,
            "name": "[name redacted]",
            "email": "[email redacted]",
            "phone_number": null,
            "slack_member_id": null,
            "demo": false,
            "admin": true,
            "org": {
                "id": 161,
                "name": "[name redacted]",
                "timezone": "Europe\/London",
                "alert_muting": {
                    "muted": false,
                    "muted_until_timestamp": null,
                    "muted_until_timestamp_string": null,
                    "minutes_remaining": null
                "onboarding_status_id": 50,
                "connected_services": {
                    "slack": false,
                    "ms_teams": false
            "notifications": {
                "email_alerts": true
            "onboarding_flags": {
                "main_intro": false,
                "alerts_intro": false,
                "alerts_from_search": false,
                "training_intro": false,
                "alert_created": false,
                "test_alert_sent": false,
                "two_alerts_sent": false,
                "pattern_trained": false

Live Request

URL: /signup/selfserve

You need to be logged in to your Anomify account to to make live API requests.

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