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Method: /metrics/mostrecentlyanomalous


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Returns a list of unique metrics which have been anomalous most recently, ordered by the most recent anomaly on each metric. Returns 10 results unless the optional limit parameter is specified.

Only anomalies in the last 30 days are considered, so where no anomalies have occurred in that period, this method will return an empty result, not the most recent anomalies further back.


Key Required Example Description
alerting_metrics_only no true When set 'true' (default), only consider alerting metrics
limit no 5 Limit the number of results returned, must be between 1 and 30. Defaults to 10 if not specified.

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "metrics": [
                "metric": "prom_2.node_load5",
                "last_anomaly_id": 208341,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp": 1656950280,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp_string": "July 4th, 15:58"
                "metric": "",
                "last_anomaly_id": 208261,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp": 1656808800,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp_string": "July 3rd, 00:40"
                "metric": "graphite-labs_wikimedia_org.clouddb-services.clouddb1001.memory.MemFree",
                "last_anomaly_id": 208236,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp": 1656746220,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp_string": "July 2nd, 07:17"
                "metric": "graphite-labs_wikimedia_org.clouddb-services.clouddb1004.memory.Active",
                "last_anomaly_id": 208213,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp": 1656706920,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp_string": "July 1st, 20:22"
                "metric": "graphite-labs_wikimedia_org.clouddb-services.clouddb1003.memory.MemFree",
                "last_anomaly_id": 208166,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp": 1656668460,
                "last_anomaly_timestamp_string": "July 1st, 09:41"

Live Request

URL: /metrics/mostrecentlyanomalous

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