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Method: /misc/timesince


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Return human-readable "time since" strings to represent the time which has passed since any timestamps presented. The result is an array keyed by the input timestamps.


Key Required Example Description
timestamps yes 1588603852,1588603853 Comma-separated list of one or more timestamps

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... }
        "code": 200,
        "oldest_cached_component_age": 683,
        "session_id": "103bfbd9f2cdd43fe809104eefc713f7",
        "org_onboarding_status_id": 300,
        "api_host": "",
        "user_onboarding_flags": {
            "main_intro": true,
            "alerts_intro": false,
            "alerts_from_search": false,
            "training_intro": false,
            "alert_created": true,
            "test_alert_sent": true,
            "two_alerts_sent": true,
            "pattern_trained": true
    "data": {
        "strings": {
            "1638964876": "more than 7 months ago",
            "1636373758": "more than 8 months ago",
            "1629370876": "almost a year ago",
            "1588150800": "more than 2 years ago",
            "1502190958": "almost 5 years ago"

Live Request

URL: /misc/timesince

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