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Method: /org/update


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Update information for an organization.


All parameters are optional.

Key Required Example Description
name no My Org Name The name of your organization
timezone no Europe/London A valid ISO timezone name
slack_api_token no aaa-bbb-ccc-ddd A Slack API token which allows posting to your Slack instance and specified channels
retention_1_resolution_seconds no 60 TBC
retention_1_period_seconds no 604800 TBC
retention_2_resolution_seconds no 600 TBC
retention_2_period_seconds no 63072000 TBC
default_data_frequency_seconds no 60 TBC
default_analysis_period_1_seconds no 86400 TBC
default_analysis_period_2_seconds no 604800 TBC
long_term_pattern_length_seconds no 2592000 TBC
admin_email_alert_users no 101 A list of ids for users who want to receive admin alerts by email
admin_sms_alert_users no 102 A list of ids for users who want to receive admin alerts by SMS
mute_alerts_for_minutes no 60 A number of minutes to mute alerts for, starting when the setting is updated
admin_users no 101,102 A list of all admin users

Example Output

This is the same as for /org/info - please see that method for detail.

Live Request

URL: /org/update

You need to be logged in to your Anomify account to to make live API requests.

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