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Method: /watcher/create


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Creates a watcher.


Key Required Example Description
chips yes cpu,idle Comma-separated list of chips to create the watcher with
alert no true Boolean: Whether the watcher should be configured to alert. Defaults to false if not specified
name yes My Brand New Watcher A name for the watcher
alert_slack_channel no anomify-alerts A slack channel to alert to
alert_teams_webhook_url no A Microsoft Teams webhook to alert to
expiration_time_unit no minute Units for expiration_time parameter. Can be second (default), minute, hour, day, or week.
expiration_time no 3 Expiration time for alerts, specified in units as per expiration_time_unit. Defaults to 3600
alert_email_recipient_ids no 101,102 Comma-separated list of user ids to receive real-time alerts by email
alert_sms_recipient_ids no 101,102 Comma-separated list of user ids to receive real-time alerts by SMS
mention_slack_recipient_ids no 101,102 Comma-separated list of user ids to be mentioned in Slack alerts
summary_report_schedule no daily-10:00 When to send summary reports. Valid example values are daily-10:00, weekly-monday, monthly-17. If this is not set, summary reports are not enabled.
summary_report_recipient_ids no 101,102 Comma-separated list of user ids to receive summary reports by email. If 'summary_report_frequency' has been specified, at least one user id must be specified here.
send_test_alert no true "true" or "false", whether to fire a test alert when the watcher is created

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "test_metric": null,
        "test_metric_last_analyzed": null,
        "watcher": {
            "id": 343,
            "name": "[name redacted]",
            "is_alert": true,
            "is_deleted": false,
            "owner": {
                "id": 101,
                "org_id": 101,
                "name": "[name redacted]",
                "email": "[email redacted]",
                "phone_number": "[phone number redacted]",
                "slack_member_id": "[slack member id redacted]",
                "demo": false,
                "admin": true,
                "org": {
                    "id": 101,
                    "name": "[name redacted]",
                    "timezone": "UTC",
                    "alert_muting": {
                        "muted": false,
                        "muted_until_timestamp": null,
                        "muted_until_timestamp_string": null,
                        "minutes_remaining": null
                    "onboarding_status_id": 300,
                    "connected_services": {
                        "slack": true,
                        "ms_teams": false
                "notifications": {
                    "email_alerts": true
                "onboarding_flags": {
                    "main_intro": true,
                    "alerts_intro": false,
                    "alerts_from_search": false,
                    "training_intro": false,
                    "alert_created": true,
                    "test_alert_sent": true,
                    "two_alerts_sent": true,
                    "pattern_trained": true

Live Request

URL: /watcher/create

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