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/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 100

/login DEBUG 1069

/login DEBUG 1069































Method: /login/validateclient


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Validate a two-factor authentication code for a new client, or refresh of existing client

If the "token" parameter is not provided, this method will only validate from the same client that the login was attempted from.


Key Required Example
code yes 123456
token no 7b50ef58dd602fec14273c3ce6e0528c

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "message": "Thanks, your login has been validated.",
        "session": {
            "id": "9574317bd9284de6d6d21f1cc6d128ce",
            "user": {
                "id": 101,
                "org_id": 101,
                "name": "[name redacted]",
                "email": "[email redacted]",
                "phone_number": "[phone number redacted]",
                "slack_member_id": "[slack member id redacted]",
                "demo": false,
                "admin": true,
                "org": {
                    "id": 101,
                    "name": "[name redacted]",
                    "timezone": "UTC",
                    "alert_muting": {
                        "muted": false,
                        "muted_until_timestamp": null,
                        "muted_until_timestamp_string": null,
                        "minutes_remaining": null
                    "onboarding_status_id": 300,
                    "connected_services": {
                        "slack": true,
                        "ms_teams": false
                "notifications": {
                    "email_alerts": true
                "onboarding_flags": {
                    "main_intro": false,
                    "alerts_intro": false,
                    "alerts_from_search": false,
                    "training_intro": false,
                    "alert_created": true,
                    "test_alert_sent": true,
                    "two_alerts_sent": true,
                    "pattern_trained": true

Live Request

URL: /login/validateclient

You need to be logged in to your Anomify account to to make live API requests.

Please log in here or sign up to Anomify


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