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Method: /watchers/chips


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Returns a list of chips which can be used to filter metrics and create watchers.

When 50 or fewer metrics match the search, these metric names are returned in full on the response in addition to the chips.


Key Required Example Description
chips no cpu,idle A comma-separated list of chips to match against. When this is passed the method filters to only those metrics which contain the supplied chips, and also removes those chips from the results
max_metric_list_length no 100 The maximum number of metrics which match the search for which including those metrics in the results is not considered too many, i.e "only if there are X or fewer matching metrics, include those metrics in the results". Default 50, max 1000

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "count_chips": 6,
        "matching_metrics": 4,
        "returned_metrics": 4,
        "chips": [
                "text": "clouddb-services",
                "count": 4
                "text": "graphite-labs_wikimedia_org",
                "count": 4
                "text": "clouddb1001",
                "count": 1
                "text": "clouddb1002",
                "count": 1
                "text": "clouddb1003",
                "count": 1
                "text": "clouddb1004",
                "count": 1
        "metrics": [

Live Request

URL: /watchers/chips

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