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Method: /org/summary


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Return summary statistics for an organization. If a metric is specified, relevant stats are limited to that metric.


Key Required Example Description
from no 1588603852 Timestamp. Not yet implemented.
until no 1588690252 Timestamp Not yet implemented.
metric no Metric name

If no from/until are specified, we will use the last 7 days rounded to the last full minute.

Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "report_period": {
            "name": "[name redacted]",
            "from_timestamp": 1657036440,
            "from_string": "July 5th, 15:54",
            "until_timestamp": 1657641240,
            "until_string": "July 12th, 15:54"
        "total_values": {
            "active_metrics": 75,
            "enabled_alerts": 17,
            "active_patterns": 950
        "period_values": {
            "anomalies": 12,
            "patterns_created": 0,
            "pattern_matches": 132,
            "reduced_alerts": 91.67,
            "analyzed_events": 536794

Live Request

URL: /org/summary

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