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Method: /metric/{metric_name}/timeseries


This method is not available to demo user accounts.

Returns a timeseries for the metric supplied in the URL.


Key Required Example Description
from yes 1588603852 Timestamp
until no 1588690252 Timestamp
resolution no 600 Resolution of results in seconds. Should be a multiple of 600. Defaults to 600 if not supplied
max_graph_width no 1000 Automatically determines the best resolution for the specified graph width. This parameter takes precedence over any value specified as "resolution"
format no csv Outputs CSV format if specified. Otherwise defaults to JSON. This parameter is for debug purposes and is not guaranteed to remain available.

Metric name is supplied in the URL, e.g.


Example Output

    "status": { ... see /login method for status block structure ... },
    "data": {
        "1605047400": {
            "yhat_lower": 16.744999999999997,
            "yhat_real_lower": 16.744999999999997,
            "yhat_upper": 16.744999999999997
        "1605048000": {
            "3sigma_upper": 18.12899999999999,
            "yhat_lower": 13.977000000000002,
            "yhat_real_lower": 13.977000000000002,
            "yhat_upper": 19.03544999999999
        "1605048600": {
            "3sigma_upper": 18.828284133902464,
            "yhat_lower": 11.836382532764196,
            "yhat_real_lower": 11.836382532764196,
            "yhat_upper": 19.769698340597586
        "1605049200": {
            "3sigma_upper": 19.65042622402243,
            "yhat_lower": 11.934573775977565,
            "yhat_real_lower": 11.934573775977565,
            "yhat_upper": 20.63294753522355
        "1605049800": {
            "3sigma_upper": 20.364235910167864,
            "yhat_lower": 9.912564089832136,
            "yhat_real_lower": 9.912564089832136,
            "yhat_upper": 21.382447705676256
        "1605050400": {
            "3sigma_upper": 21.09623354734709,
            "yhat_lower": 7.800099785986239,
            "yhat_real_lower": 7.800099785986239,
            "yhat_upper": 22.151045224714444
        "1605051000": {
            "3sigma_upper": 20.884002977991734,
            "yhat_lower": 7.198568450579691,
            "yhat_real_lower": 7.198568450579691,
            "yhat_upper": 21.928203126891322

Live Request

URL: /metric//timeseries

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